What kind of a Mickey Mouse operation are you running here?!

I haven't posted here in a while, since there's been a lot of stuff going on - buying a new home, planning wedding, getting married and going on honeymoon, etc. Info on our wedding can be found at http://wedding.tadbot.com/

Project Esperanto


How do you let your girlfriend know that you want to marry her? Go to Atlantic City and Teller!

Rock hard out with your card out!

I'm engaged to Anne!!!
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Snixxle Zzz’s

I had a dream last night:

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Glowing blue tights

Last night I had a dream:

I was with my high school buddy Isaac. We went to see a production of Watchmen (the graphic novel) performed as a ballet. We sat down in the theater, and started to watch it. Some dancers were holding a large prop gingerbread house (a la Hansel & Gretel) as they twirled around the stage.

There were also tv monitors that showed an animated version of Watchmen. Eventually Isaac & I moved to seats closer to one of the monitors to watch the animation; we thought that the ballet-portion of the presentation was over. However, later I turned around and looked back at the stage, and saw that the ballet was still going on behind us (and by watching only the monitor, we were only seeing a part of the full presentation).

Protected: Secret Project: Laserface

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Some more pictures, part 3

More of my doodles, colored in photoshop:

Robots, Zombies, and Unicorns.