The latest Team Fatass 2 update came out on Thursday or sometime. Also, I had a TF2-inspired dream last night:

I was at a Christian bookstore with my friend Justin. We were looking around, and we found a Little Golden Book children’s book. It was called something like Nabe Gewell goes to Poopville – the title was an obvious reference to Valve Software boss Gabe Newell, and included the word “poop”. The book was written by Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw, before they were hired by Valve Software and before they wrote at oldmanmurray.com.

So I went to Valve Software. I planned to show the book to Gabe Newell, in hopes that he would not like being made fun of by his employees, and would fire Chet & Erik and hire me instead.

When I got to Valve, I was with a bunch of other Klingonists. Apparently Valve brought us there as consultants, but I’m not sure why.

There are more bits to the dream that I’m a little hazy on, but those were the important parts.

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