I have a dream

I had a dream last night. It was composed of the following segments/components/anecdotes, which took place at my parents’ house (as always, the fictional parts are in red):

  • One of my friends from college, Minori, lives in Japan. She called me to say hello, and explained that she is in New Zealand. I surmise that she is flying over to the US, and is making a layover in New Zealand.
  • A while ago, I had sent résumés/portfolio examples to someone my dad knows, in order to get a job/interview. These apparently never arrived, so my dad has addressed several envelopes to the person, including my résumés/portfolio examples again.
  • My computer is powered off, so I restart it. There is a CD in the drive, so it boots up using the CD. When I realize this, I take the CD out and reboot the computer. At this point, my computer now runs some hybrid Windows 95/Windows 3.1 system. It appears to be infected with a virus, and ctrl-alt-delete reveals that there is ransomware on the computer.
  • The cast of the TV show Numb3rs has a brief gun fight against some people on the 2nd floor of another house.
  • There are some deer roaming around my parents’ bedroom/closet. My mom says that they are from the Titanic.
  • There’s a new version of Growing Pains on TV – it’s mostly the same characters, but some are played by different actors. Joanna Kerns, Ashley Johnson, and Tracey Gold reprise their roles. Notably, Mike Seaver is not played by Kirk Cameron anymore; Mike is now portrayed as an effeminate, jewelry-wearing gay stereotype.

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