Snixxle Zzz’s

I had a dream last night:

I was with my mom and it was dinner time. My sister was out somewhere and going to get food separately, so my mom and I went to some supermarket/shopping center to get food for ourselves. I went into a food store, and they had some plastic bags filled with crunchy spheres – they were some sort of rice/grain balls the size of peas. I tried a few and liked them, but one of the managers/employees there said that they were out of stock: the plastic bags they had were for restaurants to purchase, as ingredients. She said that the consumer-size packages (round glass jars) were all sold out. So I left the store, thanking the manager and saying that I liked their crunchy spheres & peas and I’d be back to buy some another time.

Then I went to a book store in the shopping center, to look around briefly. I noticed one of shelves, very high up, had some books of FoxTrot comic strip collections. I already had all the previous FoxTrot books, and those on the shelf were just collections of the comic strip, each with certain themes (such as ‘Gingers’ – that collection had a picture of all the characters on the cover dressed up as freckled red-heads), so I didn’t need to buy them.

However, in addition to the FoxTrot books, there was a thick folder/portfolio made out of cardboard, on the far left of the shelf. I decided to investigate further, and grabbed a nearby ladder to climb up to look at the books more closely. When I got to the top shelf filled with FoxTrot books, I noticed that it wasn’t very sturdy and was attached to the wall loosely. I mentioned this to one of the book store employees, and tried to help stabilize the shelf. I noticed some extra shelf arms/wings/whatever those parts are that fit into slots to hold up shelves. The store employees were able to adjust the shelf, so that it wouldn’t soon fall down.

The store’s manager thanked me for my help, and without telling me, put aside a tall drawing pad as a gift for me to get when I went to the cashier to check out. The store manager started talking to me about the time he tried to replace a defective toy robot that they sold, and their problems with quality control etc. I put on my bluetooth headset so that I could wander around the store while he talked.

As I was browsing the items in the store, I saw a section that had jackets & costumes. First, I noticed a green tunic and foam sword – they composed a Legend of Zelda costume. Then, I saw Bill & Ted costumes. [This appeared in the dream because I have been investigating Bill & Ted costumes recently.] The Ted costume was only a jacket and Wyld Stallyns hat, but I figured that I could find some jeans and make a complete costume for Halloween. [This costume would actually be Bill, not Ted.] I looked at the price tag, and the Ted costume was $268, so I decided to look around some more first. There were Huey, Dewey, and Louie shirts/hats. There was also a Burger King hat – not a crown worn by the Burger King, but a cap made to look like a Whopper, and with 2 buttons on the back which would cause the hat to make sound effects.

As I moved on to another section of the bookstore, I noticed that I had voicemail. I tried to adjust my bluetooth headset and look at my phone to see who had called. I saw that there were a dozen or so voicemails and facebook messages, left by different people. I then mentioned to my mom, “I forgot what day it was!” This was because it was early in the morning, and it had just turned to my birthday – they were birthday greetings left to me by various people.

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