Project Esperanto


How do you let your girlfriend know that you want to marry her? Go to Atlantic City and Teller!

Rock hard out with your card out!

I’m engaged to Anne!!!
I called this secret operation Project Esperanto:

  • ‘Esperanto’ means ‘one who hopes’ – ‘I hope we’ll get married’
  • an offshoot of the language Esperanto is ‘Ido‘ – Get it?? “I do”
  • I found out later that Penn & Teller tried to learn Esperanto (Penn & Teller will quickly become relevant to this story)

I was originally going to propose on our cruise to Bermuda, but I came up with a last-minute plan, which fell on our 11 month anniversary:

  • After seeing a tweet from Teller that he arrived in Philly, I look online and discover that Penn & Teller are performing in Atlantic City this weekend.
  • I buy two of the last tickets for their Friday night show. I also (secretly) buy a new deck of cards and bring it to the show, along with the engagement ring.
  • Anne & I drive out to the show, and enjoy it a lot.Tad quickly explaining his plan to Teller
  • Knowing that Penn & Teller hang out in the lobby signing autographs after their shows, I get in line with Anne, to see Teller. Anne thinks that I’m shaking & nervous because I want Penn & Teller to sign a book, & because I want gush to them about being my heroes. Little did she know…
  • I quickly whisper to Teller, telling him my plan, and asking him to do a card trick for Anne.
  • Anne picks a card from the deck, the Ace of Diamonds, and Teller ‘fails’ to find it. He prompts her to identify the suit of her card – she says ‘diamond’.
  • At this point, Teller motions for her to turn around: I’m on one knee, holding out the diamond engagement ring, and ask her to marry me.
  • She says “Of course!” :-)

Teller tweeted (and Penn retweeted) about the proposal here.

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